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Dolphin Scuba Leggings for Women
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Scuba Diving Leggings Dolphin Design for Women
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Dancing Dolphins Leggings - High Waist

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Dancing Dolphins High Waist Leggings for Women

Dolphins are well known and loved. Playful dolphins splash through the water in this unique design. Grab these dolphin leggings and dive in!

Interesting facts about dolphins:

  • The Orca (killer whale) is really a dolphin and is the largest of the species.
  • They have a wide range of lifespans, from 20-80 years. The larger dolphins live longer.
  • They sleep with one eye open. Dolphins can actually tell half their brain to sleep while the other half keeps an eye out for predators. Wow!

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Style & Fit Notes

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Women's leggings in ocean inspired designs are perfect to wear anytime! Great for women scuba diving as dive leggings or use as swim leggings, for exercising, lounging, snorkeling, bicycling, as yoga pants, running or just running errands, and anything else. Mid-weight fabric is UPF 50+ to protect you from the sun and is not see through or too warm. Comfy and stretchy, high-rise ocean leggings in regular length that dry quickly. These cool leggings hold their shape - no baggy knees or rear ends!

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