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The Scuba Sisters Story

Since we can't spend all our time in the ocean, why not wear a bit of the ocean the rest of the time?

We want to show others how beautiful the life within the ocean is. What better way than to wear a bit of that beauty every day? We recognize that women are as varied as the wonders of the ocean, however, when it comes to ocean-inspired apparel, we are expected to be happy with designs and garments often made for men (or the random pink seashell shirt at a gift shop). 

Scuba Sisters is changing this by offering designs selected by women on clothing made for women with sizing guidance to help you find the right fit for all female ocean lovers. Become a part of the Scuba Sisters family and bring your love of the ocean into your daily life by wearing a bit of the ocean!

How we started

Scuba Sisters was born on a dive boat filled with female scuba divers who
Wendy with her husband on the Naia in Fiji were tired of being asked to fit in a mold made for men. We wanted to show our love of the ocean though rarely could find any garments (and hardly any scuba gear) designed for women. If we were lucky, there was a token woman's shirt in the sea of men's shirts. When we did find women's garments, they were a flowery, pastel nightmare.

My name is Wendy and I founded Scuba Sisters (after a lot of discussion with my local tribe of Scuba Sisters!). Having prior experience as an apparel business owner, it made perfect sense for me to help women find ocean-inspired apparel. That's me in the picture with my husband getting ready for a dive. I love the ocean and scuba diving! The beautiful life within the ocean offers beautiful designs and patterns that I love finding to turn into garments for you.I recently earned my Divemaster certification and dive in warm and cold water, salt and fresh water in the northern and southern hemispheres wearing wet or dry suits. 

Where did the name come from?

Wendy wearing jellyfish tankThe bond between female scuba divers is very strong as we all love the ocean so much and this creates a family - sisters. The name Scuba Sisters represents this.

All ocean loving women are part of this sisterhood, not just scuba divers. Snorkelers, Freedivers, Beach Sitters, Scuba Divers - we all share a love of the ocean and the life within it. That is all it takes to build a common bond. Show your ocean love today and share the beauty!