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Sorting Out Sizing

Follow this simple guide to determine which of our products will fit you best.

We have all run across differences in sizing from different manufacturers. You buy one size and it fits fine. Then you buy what seems like the same style in a different brand in the same size and you can't even squeeze into it. FRUSTRATING to say the least.

Step 1: Measure a similar shirt you love

  • Grab a shirt that fits you well that is a similar style (ex. tank top if you are buying a tank top) and a tape measure.
  • Measure the Width and Length according to the diagram below.

Write down or remember these numbers!

Measure Width and Length Example


Step 2: Consult product descriptions and size charts while shopping

  • The description for each product will let you know details about the styling of the shirt (slim fit, relaxed, etc.). If slim fit shirts don't normally fit you well, look for one that is relaxed instead.
  • After you determine the style of shirt you want, open the size chart and match your measurements to the size for that particular shirt. Aligning measurements is important as each manufacturer and style results in different measurements.
    TIP: When you find a shirt style you like, you can filter by the style number to see all designs available in that style!
    NOTE: allow for a little shrinkage since the shirt you measured has likely already been shrunk.

Size Chart Example


Easy, huh? Stop guessing if the size is right and just measure.

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