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Top 7 Summer Essentials for 2020

The White Tank Top

Great for hot days and easy to team with a jacket. We love this Seahorse shirt.

A White T-Shirt

You can never go wrong with a white tee! If you are a lover of turtles then this Sea Turtle shirt is for you.

Denim Jacket

This has got to be the easiest piece to mix and match, from an evening on the town to a picnic on the beach! When it comes to packing for a scuba trip this is an essential item which pairs great with an ocean-inspired top.

White Shorts

Mix and match for every event. We love pairing them with this jellyfish tank top.

Slip-on Shoes

A neutral color or a pop of color for fun!


Comfy casual every woman loves! This essential piece of scuba clothing doubles as a sun and rash guard for your legs while diving or snorkeling as well as pants for sightseeing. We recommend ocean art patterned leggings.

Neck Gaiter

Great for nights that cool down a little, or when there is a little too much sun on your neck. Check out our scuba inspired neck gaiters that also double as a face covering.